BOTMAN Hosting



Botman is the code name for a Lua script written by Matthew Dwyer aka Smegz0r with help and input from many friends, players and admins. It is released as open source so that if you have the skill, time and patience you can make it uniquely yours and even contribute cool new features back so that everyone gets a better bot. Lua is really easy to learn and you can edit it while it is running! How cool is that?

It can run on low spec hardware or in the cloud. It is fast, stable and feature rich with many commands for server owners, admins and players. The bot has a personality and you can mould it how you want

Botman is a server manager that you interact with ingame and/or via Internet Relay Chat rather than in an application window. A web interface is in the works which will make the bot and server even easier to manage.

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